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Tsukino Azusagawa

Azusagawa Tsukino

Kanji: 梓川月乃

Romaji: Azusagawa Tsukino


Blood Type: A

Age: 16

Professional Data

Store: Pantasia Southern Tokyo Branch


Manga: Chapter 1

Anime: Episode 1


Seiyu: Chihiro Otsuka


Tsukino with her grandfather.

Tsukino Azusagawa is the granddaughter of the owner of the Pantasia chain, and understudy to Ken Matsushiro, who has difficulty getting along with the rest of the Pantasia-involved Azusagawa family because she is an illegitimate child. She is still very dedicated to the Pantasia chain, seeking out talented new bakers (like Azuma and Kawachi) and has garnered the support of many other characters. While she stays behind the scene most of the time, she is implied to be talented, as she managed to make it to the third place of a past newcomer's battle at a very young age.


She appears to be the prettiest of the Azusagawa sisters and many men find her attractive, proven as she was able to charm them out into trying Kazuma's Kabukiage bread in their store. She has long flowing light brown hair and green eyes. One of her distinctive style is that she always wears ribbons. 


Contrast to her sisters, Tsukino is kind hearted and forgiving. She is also shown to be very naive, a good example is when Ken convinces Suwabara not to commit seppuku, telling him that Monica was pregnant with Kai's son, after losing to Azuma, Ken says 'when a man and a woman are living in the same house alone, there is nothing for them to do except-' She completes the sentence saying 'play cards, right, Manager?' Ken then chastises her for being so naive.

She seems to have a crush on Azuma, though it is never explicitly stated.


Her mother died 4 years before the current time in the series. It seems that she and her mother lived with each other only.

Although her grandfather adores her (as he loves all three of his grand-daughters), it seems that her own father takes little notice of her, favouring her younger sister much more. She therefore has no family, although Ken Matsushiro (the manager of her branch) purposely decided to work there to act as support and somewhat of a family-replacement figure.


  • PantasiaSpecialBackpack

    Tsukino's prize for winning the beginner's contest isn't as impressive as a trip to France.


Tsukino's gym clothes


Tsukino's student uniform


Tsukino's wears for praise her mother

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