Yakitate!! Japan Op1

Azuma and the Pantasia saff in Hōki Gumo

Hōki Gumo by Rythem is the first opening of Yakitate!! Japan. Used for the Pantasia Entrance Examination arc and the Pantasia Newcomers Battle arc, from episodes 1-29.


English (TV Version)

Somewhere far away, there are people listening carefully.
In every place, there are people looking up at the sky.
Under the night sky, we, who are whistling...
without words, we're just tracing contellations with our fingers.

The dreams of the cold-sensitive... Your cold hands...
The warming magic is to believe in one path.

The single star found on the other side of the comet cloud...
Whether it be a shining or faint star...
is the light of only you.

On the other side of the cloud in your heart,
is a sign post that remains unseen.
Now, opening these hands, what will you believe in today?

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