Maharajah! The Day Mount Fuji Descent! (マハラジャッ! 富士山が降ってきた日!, Maharaja!! Fujisan ga Futtekita Hi) is the 2nd episode of Yakitate!! Japan. It aired on October 19, 2004.


At the beginning of the episode, Azuma quickly loses another 2 points for his hair being messy & Another 2 For Insulting The Head Chef. He is given a hairband by a girl who is in the competition. Azuma then meets Kawachi Kyosuke, another applicant. Compared to Azuma, who is relatively simple and has only ever made Japan, Kawachi is quite knowledgeable about bread. As he sees Azuma kneading his bread, he determines that Azuma has the Solar Hands. After tasting a sample of Azuma's bread, he realizes that Azuma is strong competition and must lose quickly. While Azuma is preparing his dough, he rolls a rolling pin behind Azuma, which Azuma slips on, ruining his bread. However, Azuma rebounds to make a Mount Fuji-shaped bread, and gains two points back - comparatively, the strongest competitor otherwise, Suwabara Kai, has a zero point deduction.